Uncertainty Embraces Us

Conflict teaches us where we wanna be next.

Hope leads us out of our doubts.

Time shows us how often God loves us.

Cherish reminds us to embrace each other beyond our differences.

Memory tells us that storms have calmed before.

And tenacity gives us vision for better.


“Just Like Fire”, Pink

P.S. Thank you for all the heartfelt prayers as we navigate these waters. Success. Ease. Ameen.


3 thoughts on “Uncertainty Embraces Us

  1. I wish I could conjure all the positive universal energies and swirl them all around you now. Instead I shall send you heartfelt best wishes and a hug for girlfriend’s sake. And I thank you for your wise words today. As always…..xoxojulia

    • Thank you for the positive swirl! Definitely heartfelt as we ensure patience and hope on the next step of our journey. Trying to have fun and be mindful of each day at a time haha..hope you are well and sending you warm flowers of sunshine and candy drops!

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