Well, my partner was laid off. That or fired which messes us up for unemployment insurance.

He hasn’t been paid since mid December, and the terrible new HR Director basically told him if he doesn’t sign a waiver of release that remaining amounts owed to him won’t be paid.
As if they will pay him at all.
Apparently larger monopoly companies such as this do this all the time.
All I can say is, karma.


2 thoughts on “Anger

    • Yes, everything will workout in the end….they put his record of dismissal instead of layoff to make it difficult to collect EI despite lack of disciplinary progress and quite frankly, not telling him what he could have improved on …but we know God provides, and God is good…and only God matters….thank you for your prayers as he packs up boxes and boxes of parts that they demand he do…sigh…sometimes being a good person isn’t good enough it seems…but good things will come our way, like your kinds words and friendship!

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