I don’t know where I’m meant to go next.

Maybe it’s not up to me to decide. 

God’s got this.

Step aside and let Him guide you to your next transition. 

Within yourself.

With who you are.

Just know that He has your hand even if you think you are flailing.

And somehow keeps around the right people, even when we try to push them away.

Leaving is always an option. Searching deep inside your heart for the truth is harder.

It’s never been about who you are with.

It’s always been about passing these tests in life of our character.

Love is not commitment only when it’s convenient. It’s not about unbearable sacrifice either. It’s about finding within yourself the love you lacked growing up, and learning a new way to develop it with chapters. Sometimes it’s just you. But if you do find someone who loves you at your worst and still loves you like you’re the best, then maybe this is the change you have been looking for.

Success. Forgiveness. Faith. Ameen.


4 thoughts on “Bridges

  1. Love luck happiness peace comfort prosperity laughter friendship joy (and more joy) adventure excitement creativity magic and lightness of spirit….

    I wish for you.


    • Thank you for delightful reminders! Only death is serious. Everything else is an experiment. Your heart and fairy wishes are well felt! Especially as I wake! Thank you for understanding and sending you much love and pink!!

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