Cheese….      Please

My life at a glance:

  • Today I had an interview: 20 people crammed in the same room for three hours for only one casual part time airline customer service position. Yeah. That was interesting. More so the part where I was subtly dismissed from what I could only gather as my lack of Barbie lookalikeness. Yeah. That was fun.
  • My partner’s payroll is still amiss. To date, he was paid mid December last year and mid May once, for half a month’s wages this year. So…. only seven more months worth of owed wages to go. Stress doesn’t begin to describe it.
  • Threatened with eviction nearly every month due to the above while I struggle to get one shift a week, or two if I’m lucky in retail.
  • Booked for a temp role tomorrow but wage and recruiter seem shady. As in, please don’t promise me $15 on the phone and drop it to $14 in an email without response for past five days due to holiday weekend just before assignment is tomorrow for mornings only five days a week. Oy.
  • My ex-husband seems to be making his mid-life crisis my problem by continuously emailing me (now four times) with verbal diarrhea such as please tell him am I single or with someone, how many things he has done for me, and that I should respond to him for the sake of God. And his last email prompting me to reply with a YES/NO as to if I’m okay. It’s funny how after eight years, somehow I still owe someone something. Silence is a response. Sheesh.
  • I have gained two sizes heavier though I suspect it’s due to my underweight before and underactivity now. That or clothing manufacturers are secretly bumping down clothing sizes to make us feel fat. My partner’s family blame it on the potatoes and perogies he keeps feeding me, though they like me just the way I am. So far. I have yet to scare them with my crankiness. And he loves me just the way I am. Though at times I’m sure I’m driving him completely insane with my worry. Ah. Love.
  • My mom lost her job before Xmas. And by lose I mean those jerks laid her off before Xmas. Yes, I’m boycotting Home Hardware. She is studying for her exam to sell life insurance. I’ve tried to tip toe on how much advice I can give her as I know it’s rough.
  • I feel pretty isolated out here. Well, at least there is Hay Day, gym, and mmm…my love life? We have our highs and lows and bad fights but somehow God has kept us together. It’s been brutally rough for us and somehow our spirituality and prayers keep the darker forces abay while we focus on what’s important.
  • We attended his nephew’s communion in June. Yup. Went to church during Ramadan. That was interesting. What’s with all the singing..gahh…I was looking forward to a sermon or something.
  • Overall I would say I’m taking life day by day. We could be living back in the car again if his paycheck doesn’t magically appear, but we have survived rougher before and still somehow find humour and gratitude after the dust of chaos settles. Not sure what this says about my life being underemployed and nearing houselessness again, (sniffle) but you do the best with what you have, where you are.

Ease. Success. Ameen.


4 thoughts on “Cheese….      Please

  1. Pink, you are an incredible woman! What a beautiful little collection of sharings….I love how you look at things…how you express yourself, and that you can always see the blessings. All my best to you, my dear friend. Xoxojulia

    • Awwwwwww….thank you for reading all these years! It helps me to get stuff out as I tend to bottle stuff up inside haha…I’m very blessed to know you and grow with you all these years! It’s amazing how life changes and yet remains the same at the same time. I can’t believe how much time has passed. And my first day today wasn’t too bad! So hopefully if God wants it for me it will continue to be a good source of income haha…big hugsss to youuuu…

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