Breathe Again

My anger gets misplaced at times towards my partner. Receiving an email from my ex-husband these past few days makes me realize whom I meant to be directing this to.

Love isn’t easy. It doesn’t need to be complicated either. It is simple. Love me while I am here, not to cherish me when I’m gone. I realize now some if not many love the idea of a relationship, but very few commit to the hard work and forgiveness it entails.

Making a life together means building on yourself. At times, transitions aren’t easy. These reformations within ourselves, these revelations of our truths we have kept hidden. Those scars of hurt, those badges of anger. It can become hard to let go what is familiar but no longer serves us.

Each day we live our truth as we choose to see it. Not everyone is ready and so you must take it upon yourself to be open. To allow yourself to see the change within you, to shed the skins that no longer belong to you. It is raw, and very real, to live your authentic truth, little make up and all.

And while our lives might not look how we expected, and we may be criticized internally for being different, one voice speaks silently above them all: you are more beautiful than perfect, and your perfect is beautiful.

“Scars to Your Beautiful”, Alessia Cara


5 thoughts on “Breathe Again

  1. This is an open, genuine, and vulnerable piece of writing, Pink. You are beautiful….on so many levels. Take good care of your precious self, my friend. Xoxojulia

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