Bullies and Creepers in the Workplace

There are moments in your life when you’re not proud of how anger got the better of you, and yet it is necessary to fuel change in your life.

Being bullied and creeped on at work has reached its limits. Having to work nearly over 30 hours a week without being granted full time hours and benefits takes a toll on your mental health in dealing with colleagues who have just been in retail too long. Ones who take every minute detail way too seriously and feel they can speak to you in a condescending manner as their years of service equate to an over inflated sense of importance and superiority. Its insane.

Yesterday I was shaking in anger at yet again being targeted with her natterings which many others have stated, she’s basically very difficult to work with.

While I tell myself better exists one day, a part of me is just plain tired. It seems that no matter how good you are and how hard you work, it really comes down to politics of who likes you and what happens if they don’t. It becomes frustrating when good work and all this other positive attitude stuff just doesn’t matter in the face of bullies and smart creepers who can get away with touching you with their eyes. Shudder.

But I must try. For the sake of peace not only at home but in my mind too. When minimum wage takes a toll on your maximum health, it’s time to check out.




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