500 Days of  😊 😅 😢 😥 😂

In about four days, we will learn of what the Universe has in store for us next: my partner’s payroll has been delayed for three months now and our landlord’s patience is even shorter.

When every opportunity to advance comes to a standstill, where is there left to go. 

It’s been a roller coaster since last June and it’s easy to start questioning ourselves if this journey is worth fighting for. How do you know if these tests are to strengthen you two as a couple or if it’s signs that you’re better off apart. 

Life as a Pink Ninja isn’t easy. You have to believe that love is worth holding onto. Being with someone is beyond Hollywood romance movies, it takes recommitment and lots of forgiveness for the inevitable human traits we all possess in moments of hardship. The difference is how you two come back together, stronger than ever, determined to push through to the next stage in your relationship. Just like a video game. Without zombies.

There are moments where I have questioned what this is all for, this seemingly backwards spiral into my life. It is easy to look at my life the way others would look at it. But my dear friend reminds me, we must look at ourselves the way God sees us. 

To God we belong, and to Him we return.

Prayers to all those going through struggles that we never hear about, as they bravely smile thru it all.




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