It’s Weird to Feel Normal

As I battle a sore throat from the dust and warmth of our new place, I feel strange to not have to struggle. 

Since living in our car as of July 31, it’s hard to believe we endured the roughest and funnest times since then. Our new home is beautiful, spacious, and surreal since being here for a week now and realizing how much we condensed to a 5X10 trailer which spreads thin in a two bedroom home.

It’s definitely not cheap and while the vacancy rates are high, rental prices definitely have not come down. Having just landed a second part time retail job myself, we are blessed that his career is more fruitful.

As I hibernate here in one of many rooms, my anti social nature has sprung as the frigid temperatures make it hard for me to venture away from our furnished space. I miss knitting at the library, breakfasts at Tim Hortons and friendly faces at the gym.

On the other hand, I don’t miss the judgement from not having an address, dealing with hygiene inconveniences, or the insurmountable stress as the weather darkens to freezing temperatures. 

As we cried because we saw other trailers replace us in the Walmart parking lot in how we empathize with the struggles others go through, we thank God for the blessings and prayers of what hardships He and all of your kind wishes has saved us from.

May this season bring much cheer, warmth, and blessings to you and your families as well.



Share. Your. Love. :D

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