A time to heal

It’s been quite the journey these past six months since June and we are hopeful that with his new opportunity starting next week that we will find the steady path we have been looking for to build together.

It’s been far from easy. Absolutely grueling with the most intense and lose your sanity moments from the financial crisis that has hit us and still plagues us until he gets paid end of this month hopefully.

What plagues us isn’t necessarily the killer virus that we battled a few weeks ago with sinuses running endlessly in the car; but the judgment from some of the closest people to us including being told that the one or two meals at maybe $30 a day for both of us as well as laundry of $30 a week is too much and therefore cause for my own family to not help for this last financial stretch. Or even those who offered to help if I just asked and in my recent hint for help, it was ignored.

But if we have learned anything from recent events, it’s that you just can’t predict what is gonna happen next. So you take things in stride, try not to kill each other, and remember to have fun with it.

If Ellen could eat out of a can of soup each day when she was first starting out and not worry about money, then we too can put our prayers together and focus on the chef boyardee of life. 

We might not have it all, and ironically will have two cars but no house thanks to a company vehicle; we are thankful to all those who have been there for us and shown such incredible support. 

Your prayers are appreciated as we aim to build a new home!



Share. Your. Love. :D

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