What Dating Has Taught Me

1. You can only receive what you give to yourself. If you don’t date yourself, you really can’t expect others to give you what you deserve. You must do this for yourself.

2. Never, ever, settle for less than what you’re worth. You will only discover your worth when you know your value. You will only know your value when you start appreciating how much you have to offer. You will only know what you have to offer when you start acknowledging to yourself all the wonderful qualities about you that make you who you are.

3. Do not apologize for your feelings. They are valid. Even if they don’t make sense, they often do later on in the form of intuition.

4. Leave someone who makes you feel small even just by a millimetre because he will end up leaving you short.

5. Do not take yourself for granted. Yes, he could have chosen someone else, but your gift is your very presence.

6. If he ever puts you down, you will feel it. It may not be his sweet words, it can be the tiniest glimpse into his soul projecting his insecurities. You are not here to receive such treatment. You deserve to be given to.

7. Being pushed around is not just physical, it can be verbally too in the form of suggestions, silent disapprovals or lack of enthusiasm for your fabulous short haircut.

8. Dating is all about you. It was never about them. Its always been about how much you love yourself to let go of something that isn’t working, and how vulnerably will you open up to the amazing possibilities before you.

9. We settle for the love we think we deserve. So stop settling. Start dreaming, BIG. Your life will only take you as far as you imagine yourself to be.

10. Lastly, no matter how swept away your heart is, please take your brain with you. Our intuition knows deep down inside, that silent voice that nudges us to do what is right for ourselves even if it’s not approved by anyone else.

Much love to you all.


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